Om Dhara

HUMAN life is god's gift that realizes its goal through the physical manifestation of the human spirit. Every individual has got the right and capability to achieve good health, peace of mind, harmony and bliss. In the modern times and the ever-changing life styles the imbalance of human body-mind soul trio and health are resulted. This imbalance can be set right by our ancient techniques like Yoga, Mediation, Pranayama etc. OmDhara center has therefore been setup to bring in order to develop - discipline and health into the lives of people around. OmDhara also intends to provide people with access to ancient science by several forms of healing and curing Therapies.

"OmDhara is access point to powerful invisible world. Here we are serving humanity from many years with normal and abnormal things and activities. "

"OmDhara is unique combination of all religions and nature, religions are only way of nature to find out “The One"